About Us

Kaveh Mexican Coffee Roasters was born in Zapopan, Jalisco, as a response to the natural wealth and diversity that Mexico offers for the production of world-class coffee. Despite being the eighth largest coffee producer in the world, the sector suffers from structural problems that limit its potential.

On the one hand, many producers are not fairly compensated for their work, limiting their ability to invest in improvements and sustainable technologies. In addition, there are intermediaries that add another link in the supply chain, raising prices for the final consumer.

On the other hand, the environment and biodiversity are also affected by unsustainable practices on some farms. And, to top it off, coffee brands are usually not transparent with the information about the quality and origin of the coffee they offer, which detracts from the value of the product.

At Kaveh Mexican Coffee Roasters, we believe that these problems can be overcome with innovation and commitment. We strive to build fair relationships with growers, encourage sustainable practices, and provide clear and detailed information about the coffee we offer.

In addition, we seek to innovate in our customer service, with new value proposals that make the experience of drinking coffee in one of our cafeterias unique and memorable. We want to be leaders in the industry and take Mexican coffee to the top. Join us on this exciting journey!